Summer Tree Maintenance: What Can You Do and How?

As summer quickly approaches the United States, you may wish to clean up your yard and maintain your home to prepare for the warm weather. You can also add tree maintenance to your list of things to do this summer. Maintain your trees this summer with the tips below.

Mulch Your Trees

If you didn't place mulch around your trees in the past, you want to do so now. Many trees absorb most of their water from the ground. But if your yard is exposed to direct sunlight or intense heat, your trees' roots may not be able to draw in enough water to maintain healthy leaves, stems, and branches. Plants can wither and die if they lose more water than they retain or absorb. By placing mulch around your trees, you can keep the plants healthy during the summer months.

Before you apply mulch to your trees, remove dead plants, pieces of paper, and other items from around the bases of your trees. Next, gently layer 2–4 inches of mulch around the base of each tree. Thick layers of mulch can trap heat and damage your trees over time, particularly young trees.

After you place the mulch, monitor each tree regularly. If any of your trees develop leaf spots, peeling bark, broken limbs, or other symptoms, call a tree care company immediately. Your trees may need additional tree care maintenance services. 

Obtain Tree Care Services

Summer can brutal on plants, including old and young trees. Problems, such as peeling bark and leaf spots, can be serious for some trees. A tree care company can work with you to keep your trees healthy. If your trees have leaf problems, a company may use various methods to treat them. The treatments for your trees may depend on the color, number, severity, and type of spots they have on their leaves. Some types of leaf diseases require extra special care to treat. 

If your trees have limb or branch problems, a service provider may carefully prune them away. Trees can be pruned in the summer if they show signs of distress and disease. Trees that fell to thrive may also require pruning. A tree contractor will only remove the damaged structures from your trees. 

A tree company may also place organic fertilizer and new mulch around your trees to keep them well hydrated and healthy. Organic treatments don't contain chemical additives that may harm tree roots, leaves, and bark. If you need clarification about organic fertilizer and mulch, consult a tree company.