Creative Ways To Use Topiary In Your Landscape And Life

The act of trimming trees or hedges into different shapes is called topiary. Not all trees work well for topiary, but if you have some in your yard that would work well, why not take advantage of them? Your tree trimming professionals can help you trim your trees and hedges into a variety of interesting shapes. Here are a few creative ways to use topiary in your life.

1. Logo

If you're running a business from your home, why not trim a bush into the shape of your company logo? This will work best if your logo is a distinct shape that has a distinct outline, such as the shape of a piece of fruit with a bite taken out of it. A more detailed, textured logo would be more difficult to represent in topiary form, though you may be able to simplify it to make it work.

2. Proposal

If you want to propose to your significant other but you're unsure how to create a proposal that's dramatic enough, consider trimming the bushes and trees in your yard into shape to help you out. For instance, you could ask your tree trimmers to trim one tree into a giant heart, then work that into your proposal somehow.

Or, you could have an entire hedge trimmed into letters until it says the words marry me (this one might be a little tricky to keep hidden, though). Or simply have a tree trimmed into the shape of an item that's symbolic of your relationship, then include it in your engagement pictures after the proposal.

3. Initials or address

If you're the type of person who likes to hang a sign on your front door with your name on it, you could have your trees or bushes trimmed into the shape of your initials to help people know they've found your home. Or, if delivery people have a hard time finding your address, you could have topiary shaped into a giant representation of your street number. 

4. Fandom symbols

Are you part of any fandoms? Instead of paying outrageous amounts of money for fan merchandise to display your fan identity, you could have your trees and bushes trimmed into wizards and police boxes and magic wands. (Or, you could do both.)

5. Memorial

Finally, on a more serious note, a topiary tree or bush could be trimmed into a likeness of a relative who passed away, a beloved pet, or anyone else you would like to memorialize. This type of memorial provides a living reminder of the loved one.

These are just a few creative ways to individualize your tree trimming rather than simply using it to keep your trees and bushes tidy. Talk to tree trimming professionals today about which of your landscaping plants might be suitable for topiary work.