You Should Always Have The Stump Removed With The Tree

When trees are removed, some people don't worry about having the stumps removed and this is a mistake. Here is what can happen when you have a tree removed from your yard, but you don't have the stump removed as well: 

You can end up with a pest infestation

A stump that has been left in place after the tree has been cut down can also act as a calling card for many types of pests. A number of ant species will be drawn to the stump, especially carpenter ants. Also, beetles and wood wasps will be attracted to the stump. Termites can come for the stump, then end up in your home causing a lot of damage to it. A stump left in the ground can even attract rodents and snakes who come for the rodents. 

Your property can be damaged 

A tree stump that has been left in place can have roots that keep growing, even though the tree has been cut down and removed. As the roots continue to grow, they can wind up causing damage to things that are within close proximity to the stump. Some examples of things that can end up being damaged include a built-in swimming pool, concrete or asphalt walkways and driveways, plumbing pipes, septic tank, and even the foundation of the home. If you have any landscape features near the stump, such as a pond, a statue, or anything else, then the roots may cause damage to them as well. 

A stump will be a safety hazard in your yard

When a stump is left behind in your yard after a tree was cut down, it will be a safety hazard. People who walk through the yard or even children who run through it while playing can end up being hurt. They can end up tripping over the stump that can be hard to see and get hurt. Also, the stump can cause problems when someone is doing yard work because things can happen like the lawnmower being damaged. 


The above-mentioned issues are just a few examples of the many problems that you can find yourself dealing with if you don't make sure that the stump is removed when you have a tree cut down and removed from your yard. The best thing for you to do is to make sure the stump is removed at the same time that the tree is removed.

Contact a local stump removal service to learn more.