5 Types Of Pruning That Can Benefit Your Trees

One of the most common jobs that arborists and tree services carry out is pruning. Pruning is beneficial for trees in many ways. When well pruned, trees live longer and are more attractive.

Your trees can benefit from pruning in the following ways.

1. Pruning for clearance

Trees that grow in confined spaces or close to pathways or roads can benefit from pruning. Pruning trees in confined areas frees up space for passersby and for an outdoor area like patios and balconies. Clearance pruning is good for your tree because it might prevent damage that might otherwise occur. For instance, pruning branches away from a nearby path can prevent collision damage.

2. Pruning for disease

Once disease infects a portion of a tree, that disease gradually spreads. And diseases like Cypress canker, which affects Australia's conifers can infect a branch and eventually kill a tree. If you notice cankers or fungi on one or more branches of your trees, those branches need to be pruned in order to stop the spread of the disease.

3. Pruning for dead or broken branches

Dead and broken branches can affect a tree's appearance, but more than that, dead and broken branches can leave your tree vulnerable to pests and diseases. Diseases enter trees through wounds, especially jagged wounds where branches have snapped in strong winds. And pests like termites and carpenter ants can infest trees with dead branches.

Removing dead and broken branches from your tree's canopy will help to keep both pests and diseases at bay.

4. Pruning to prevent damage to surrounding structures

Tree branches that are too close to structures like roofs, guttering, siding, and windows can do damage in bad weather. And if a tree branch whips against a roof in bad weather, both the branch and the roof could be damaged. Pruning away these branches can prevent costly damage from occurring. And you can help to prolong the life of your tree by protecting it from damage.

5. Pruning for weight reduction

Trees continue to grow throughout their lives. In a forest, this isn't an issue because there is plenty of space and no danger to people. But in urban environments, heavy branches that are overloaded are a safety hazard. This is especially true in windy weather. Pruning large branches can help to prevent branch drop injuries and protect your trees from jagged breaks that invite in diseases.

Pruning can extend the life of your trees. If you think your trees may benefit from these types of pruning, call a tree pruning professional today.