8 Common Mosquito Hiding And Breeding Places Outside Your Home

If mosquitoes are causing you problems, you first need to identify where they are coming from. Most mosquito species generally don't fly very far from their breeding grounds. So, if you have mosquitoes on your property, they are probably breeding and nesting somewhere nearby.

Here are nine of the most common mosquito breeding and nesting sites outside a home.

1. Hidden sources of standing water

The main resource that mosquitoes need to breed, apart from blood, is standing water. This is where they lay their eggs. Unfortunately, standing water is often hidden from sight around a yard. For instance, standing water may be found in:

  • Abandoned toys
  • Tire swings
  • Low areas of your yard
  • Old appliances
  • Bird baths

Look around your yard and remove anything that could become a vessel for standing water.

2. Gutters

Gutters are prime real estate for breeding mosquitoes. This is because gutters can easily clog with leaves. This creates the ideal conditions for mosquitoes. Check your gutters to see if they are blocked.

3. Plant pots

Plant pots need watering. Unfortunately, even a little water in a dish under a plant pot can provide mosquitoes with a place to lay their eggs.

4. Tree cavities

Tree cavities often fill up with water on rainy days. This gives mosquitoes a hidden, safe spot to breed.

5. Long grass

When they aren't feeding, adult mosquitoes seek out areas where they won't be bothered by wind. This is usually somewhere sheltered, such as long grass.

6. Under the deck

The darkness under your deck may be home to all kinds of insects and pests. Mosquitoes also like to hide out and breed under decks. There may also be standing water hidden under your deck.

7. Ponds or water features

Water features are pleasant, but they do allow mosquitoes to breed. For instance, a birdbath or pond is the ideal location for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. If you do have water features in your yard, consider removing them, or use a pump to get the water flowing. This will prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.

8. Piles of yard waste, like leaves

Another hiding place for adult mosquitoes is piles of leaves, grass cuttings, and other yard waste. Keep your yard waste covered or dispose of it immediately.

Tackling a mosquito problem alone is a tough challenge, especially outdoors. If mosquitoes are plaguing your property, find a mosquito removal service near you. A mosquito service can ensure mosquitoes don't overrun your property every summer.