Evergreen Trimming And Care Techniques

Trimming the branches of an evergreen can be considered a form of preventive maintenance since the removal of overgrown or unhealthy branches can ward off disease or pest infestations. It can also be used to restore the health of a tree. Use the following trimming tips during the dormant period, when evergreens are least likely to undergo growth spurts.

Instill A Healthy Pattern

Tree trimming can occur soon after a young evergreen has been planted and taken root. For instance, if you plant an evergreen in the spring or summer, it may take several months for the tree to be fully stable. Once the tree has survived through a season or two, it is safe to begin cutting back branches that are lopsided or that appear to be unhealthy. The late fall and the winter months are both suitable times to trim branches. An inspection of all sides of a tree will help you determine which branches need to be treated. This shape should be kept in mind when trimming a tree. A tree service associate who provides routine maintenance will be familiar with many tree varieties and their normal growth patterns. A tree specialist will guide you in setting up a routine maintenance plan that consists of trimming and removing branches. A tree company may also offer a haul-away service. This type of service will alleviate your need to collect fallen branches and find a viable way to dispose of them or haul them away.

Ward Off Issues

If you will be performing occasional trimming sessions yourself, use a pair of shears that contain sharp blades. Using a saw or another tool that isn't designed for trimming purposes can result in rough branch tips and an improper growth pattern. Minimize the number of pest infestations or diseases that your evergreens incur. This can be done by only using environmentally safe pesticide products as needed and by omitting the use of chemicals on your property. Keep the ground that surrounds your trees well-maintained. Cut the grass as needed and install mulch to aid with adequate water flow. If your trees are young and will require you to set up an irrigation schedule, invest in a new water hose or a timed sprinkler. This will guarantee that your evergreens receive the hydration they need on a consistent basis.

For more information on tree trimming, contact a landscaping company in your area.