Need To Remove A Stump? Here Are Your Options

You will want to choose from several options to remove stumps after cutting down a tree. Each method has its advantages, depending on whether or not you want to get rid of it completely and if you're looking to make use of the wood afterward. The following stump removal information will help you choose the right option for your needs.

Stump Grinding

A stump grinder is a machine with a rotating head that has teeth on it. A large motor turns the head, which cuts into the stump. The teeth on the head then chew through the stump and dig it out of the ground.

The size of your stump will determine whether you should rent or buy a grinder. If you have a small stump, renting one can be more cost-effective than buying one. However, if your stump is bigger, it's probably best to hire a stump removal service.


Another option to consider is burning the stumps. This can be done by digging around it and filling the area with combustible materials. When burning the stump, you want to be sure that air circulates freely around the roots. Doing this will help ensure that the stump burns and you are left with nothing but a pile of ashes to clean up. 

Filling the Stump with Chemicals

If you don't mind waiting for the stump to decompose, filling the stump with chemicals can be a great way to kill your tree. This method is best at killing hardwood trees like oaks and maples.

The first thing you'll need to do is cut off as much of the root system as possible. Then, use some kind of digging tool to dig down into the ground around the stump until it's completely exposed.

Next, pour some herbicide into the hole and cover it back up with dirt above ground level. Once this has been done for all four sides of the stump, water it thoroughly so that everything is moistened well within an hour or two after application.

You can also apply herbicide directly onto the top surface of your stump if you don't want to dig around it first; however, this can be very messy. Drilling holes in the stump can help keep the mess contained. The holes can then be filled with chemicals to help speed up the decomposition process.

Hiring a Tree Service

Stump removal is a necessary component of taking down an unwanted tree, but there are a variety of options available for removing one. Contact a professional stump removal service to help you find the best solutions for the type of stump you are dealing with and your landscaping.