7 Important Facts About Tree Trimming

If you own one or more trees, and you have yet to trim them, then now is a good time to learn more about how tree trimming affects trees. When done correctly, tree trimming is beneficial to trees in many ways. But trimming trees can also be harmful if done the wrong way.

Here are a few important facts about tree trimming to help you understand the process and how it can help or harm your trees.

1. Trimming a dense canopy protects against insects and disease

A tree with a dense canopy has a higher risk of suffering from disease or insect infestation. This is because a dense canopy prevents air from flowing through the branches. This creates the ideal conditions for pests and disease.

2. Trimming large branches can harm a tree

When you trim away a large branch, you may harm your tree by leaving a large wound that exposes your tree to disease. You may also reduce your tree's vitality when removing a large branch since trees need their leaves to bring in food via photosynthesis. This is why you should consult a professional tree trimmer rather than tackle large branch removal yourself.

3. Trimming dead branches prevents accidents

Dead branches may look innocuous, but they are dry and brittle, and this means they could fall and injure someone without warning. Removing large dead branches prevents accidents.

4. Trimming too many branches can harm your trees

Trees need their leaves and branches to create and transport food. So removing too many branches can weaken a tree since it then brings in less food and needs to heal multiple wounds. Never remove more than 25% of a tree's canopy.

5. Trimming is beneficial when trees are dormant in winter

Trimming trees is beneficial in winter because trees are dormant at this time, which means they bleed less sap. Your trees will also be able to heal their wounds quickly and sprout new growth when spring arrives.

6. Trimming damaged branches helps strengthen trees

When a branch suffers severe damage, it will likely die over time. And severe damage can allow diseases and pests to invade a tree via the wound. Removing a severely damaged branch quickly will prevent disease and help your tree heal quickly.

7. Trimming with the wrong tools can harm a tree

Using the wrong type of shears or shears that are dull is harmful because the cut won't be clean, which makes it harder for a tree to heal the wound. Trained professionals have the right tools to perform clean and healthy cuts.

Contact a local tree trimming company for more information.