The Temperatures Are Dropping: 4 Services Your Trees Need This Fall

Fall is in full swing. That's why now is the perfect time to take care of your trees. If you haven't hired a tree service yet, you still have time to do that. If you're like most people, you might not think your trees need much care during the fall and winter months. But, lack of care can put them in harm's way. To make sure your trees survive the cold weather, read the list provided below. Here are four ways a tree service can help your trees this fall.


If you want to add trees to your yard, don't wait until spring. You might think that it's better to plant trees during warmer weather, but that's not the case. Planting trees during the fall allows roots to adjust to the changes. If you plant your trees when the weather is warm, the temperatures can damage your trees. The heat can also stunt the growth of your new trees. That's why you should have your tree service plant new trees during the fall.


Now that fall is here, you'll want to inspect your trees before winter arrives. This is especially important if your trees endured a long, hot summer. Extreme temperatures, combined with drought conditions, could have damaged your trees. If that's the case, your trees will need extra care to get them ready for the cold winter temperatures. Once the foliage falls from your trees, the technician can identify the problem areas. 


Pruning should be next on the list. During the fall, the limbs are easier to see, which helps to avoid mistakes during the pruning process. Fall pruning also helps to encourage better growth once the weather warms up. Fall pruning also helps cut some of the weight, which can protect your trees during winter storms. 


When it comes to getting your trees ready for winter, you can't forget about treatment. Seasonal treatment should include the trees and the soil. Proper fall treatment will help your trees maintain their strength during the winter. During the fall, your trees need to get fertilized at least once. They also need to have treatment for any diseases or pest infestations they might have. It's also important that the soil gets treated as well. That way, the roots can absorb more of the moisture and nutrients. 

Protect your trees. Now that fall is here, contact a local tree service, such as Snyder's Tree Service, to learn more.