4 Tree Removal Service Options You Should Know

You may want to remove a tree from your backyard for many reasons. In some cases, it could be that the plant has been badly damaged by a storm or poses a significant danger to pedestrians and your property. That said, no matter your grounds for tree removal, an experienced arborist should perform this task. In most cases, the professionals will arrive at your home, assess the condition of your tree, and give you a quote. Based on their assessment, there are different approaches they'll use to remove your tree. Here are the most common ones you should know. 

They Can Uproot Your Tree

This removal method involves using specialized equipment to pull the tree from its roots. However, the experts may also decide to chop the tree from the top before pulling out the stump. You should know that before considering this option, your arborist will ensure the tree isn't located in a confined place. They'll also consider the size of your tree and the stress it can put on the ground. More importantly, they may choose not to pull your tree if it leaves a bald patch in the yard.

They Can Fell Your Tree and Then Grind the Stump

Tree felling involves the use of a chainsaw to cut down a tree. Before proceeding with this task, the professionals have to prepare for removal. For instance, they'll ensure that there aren't any obstacles along the path where the tree falls. More importantly, those working with the arborist must establish a retreat path when the tree starts to fall. Once the tree is down, they'll use a stump grinder to cut through the stump and remove it.

They Can Burn Your Tree

Your tree removal expert may consider this option if the regulation in your area allows it. Your professional will start by chopping the tree before burning the stump. If this is the case, they will begin by preparing the stump, which involves digging a ditch around it. They'll then drill holes through the stump and fill them with flammable materials like gasoline before letting it settle for a few hours. Afterward, your arborist will burn it to cinders before adding soil to the area.

Using Chemicals to Remove the Tree

Like burning a tree, the expert will ensure that they perform this task if your area permits it. In your case, the professional will chop the tree trunk and prepare the stump for removal using chemicals. They'll then drill holes in the stump and fill it with water and potassium nitrate before letting it settle for a few weeks. Once the tree becomes spongy, your expert will hack it into pieces and fill the hole with soil.

When removing a tree from your home, you should consider the few options mentioned above. It's also advisable that you seek the services of an experienced arborist to determine the best method for your situation.

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