Steps To Take Before You Remove A Tree From Your Property

If you have a tree growing on your property that you no longer want to keep, you have most likely thought about hiring a tree removal company to handle the taking down and disposing of the tree for you. There are some steps to take before a tree removal company arrives to make the job safe and easy for the service you select. Here are a few actions to undertake in the days leading up to the removal of a tree from your land.

Make Sure You Definitely Do Not Wish To Keep The Tree

Once a tree is removed, you can no longer replant it as the roots will remain in the ground after the service does its job. Be completely sure that you do not wish to keep the tree before contacting a tree removal service. If the tree appears to have a disease, you may still potentially save it. Contact an arborist in your area to evaluate the health of the tree. If the tree is relatively small, it may be able to be replanted in another location. This can be done by an arborist as well.

Move All Personal Items Within Close Proximity Of The Tree

When a tree is downed, tree service workers use tools and knowledge to have it fall in a direction away from your home and your personal items. There are, however, times when their tactics do not work as planned. Insurance will handle any compensation awarded to you if this does happen.

To protect your belongings in case of this type of incident, it is best to remove them from any area the tree can fall. Determine an approximate length of the tree and get to work at removing items and moving them to locations out of the vicinity. It is also wise to remove vehicles from the pathway that the tree service truck needs to utilize so they are able to move around without difficulty.

Inform The Service About Potential Hazards

Electrical lines, propane lines, wells, and septic tanks are at risk of being compromised if a tree happens to land on them. These systems can also cause injury to those in the area depending on the extent of damage sustained. Be sure to alert the tree service workers of the whereabouts of these systems so they can plan for the falling of the tree in a direction away from them.

Contact a tree removal company near you to learn more.