Questions to Ask a Tree Removal Service

If you need a tree removed, it's a good idea to contact a couple of removal companies for estimates. The following questions can help you narrow down your choices.

How Much Experience Does the Service Have?

Experience is important, especially if you have a tricky tree to remove, such as one growing near power lines. Although it's important to consider how many years the company has been in business, you also need to ask about what type of experience they have. Make sure the company has experience in your particular tree removal situation, especially if there is something unique about your tree issues. Looking at reviews or talking to past customers can also help you verify the service's experience.

Is the Service Licensed and Insured?

Always verify that a tree removal service is properly licensed and insured. Tree removal can be risky, to both those doing the removal and to your property. You want to make sure that you are covered if damage occurs to your home or if someone gets hurt during the removal service. Any legitimate service will be happy to show you their licensing and insurance documentation.

Are There Any Guarantees On the Work?

Many companies will provide some sort of service guarantee. In the case of tree removal, this is typically a guarantee against certain types of damage and an assurance that the tree will be removed from the property to your satisfaction. The guarantee may also cover a thorough cleanup of the removal site and the hauling away of the tree debris. Check with every service you contact to see what guarantees they provide for tree removal.

Can the Service Do the Whole Job?

Not all removal companies are full service. Some only cut down the tree, but it is up to you to remove the stump and recover the landscape. Others subcontract out parts of the work, like stump removal. A full-service company will provide both tree and stump removal. They may also offer to mulch the tree and repair damages to the landscape. It is up to you to decide what level of service you require and verify that the company you hire can provide it.

Is the Estimate Complete?

Finally, verify that the estimate you are provided is a complete estimate. A complete estimate will include all the possible charges and fees for the removal of your specific tree. It should be detailed so there are no questions about what is covered in the estimate. 

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