6 Signs You Should Hire Professionals for Tree Removal

Having trees on your property is an excellent idea since you stand to enjoy significant benefits. However, at some point, your tree may get sick or die, causing a safety risk. Therefore, if you notice one of your trees is not in good shape, you should call a professional to remove it. Here are six signs it is time for tree removal.

1. Root Decay

The root of your tree can decay due to poor drainage in your home, which can cause your soil to have too much moisture. The floodwater suffocates the roots and affects their ability to absorb oxygen, leading to decay.

Fungal infections can also cause root decay. Therefore, if mushrooms are growing at the base of your tree, you should call a tree service team for assistance. If you discover the problem earlier, you can save the tree by installing drainage systems or transplanting it. However, if the roots are already affected, the experts can recommend tree removal.

2. Tree Hollow

When the trunk of your tree is hollow, it is likely to start rotting from the inside. This cavity usually occurs after a dying branch falls off. Thus, you should call professionals to inspect your tree and remove it if necessary.

3. Tree Under Power Lines

If your tree has grown under a power line, you should consider removing it because it can pose a safety risk. If you have a safe location in the property, it can be transplanted, but if not, you should call the tree removal professionals.

4. Branches Without Buds

Branches that lack buds may be dying. It is advisable to hire tree service providers for an inspection. If the branches are brittle and break easily, you should get a tree removal service since this is an obvious sign of a dying tree.

5. Leaning Tree

Not all leaning trees need removal services. However, if the lean was caused by mechanical damage or strong winds, your tree may be damaged, which means that it can't be saved and might fall and cause property damage or injure people. Therefore, it should be removed before it causes an accident.

6. Leaf Discoloration

If your tree leaves are turning yellow, the chances are that your roots are damaged, and they can't absorb nutrients. You should call a professional to inspect your tree since soil pH or lack of water or nutrients in the soil could cause the problem. If they discover that root damage is the cause, they will remove your tree.

Tree removal is necessary in some cases. If you notice any of the discussed warning signs, you should call an arborist immediately.