Things You Need To Consider When Removing Trees From Your Property

Trees provide many benefits but can develop health issues or grow so large that they are no longer safe. Tree removal may become necessary in these instances, and doing it right is an essential part of the process. There are some things to consider, and hiring a professional tree removal service is recommended for most jobs.

Local Laws And Regulations

Before cutting any trees on your property, it is essential to check the local ordinances or regulations to ensure you are within the requirements of the municipality. Some cities and towns may require a permit for the work or have guidelines about tree removal near power lines, public roads, and sidewalks, or around structures.

If you are cutting a tree that could come down in the road, you may need police to close it to traffic during the removal. Professional tree removal services often coordinate things for you and will know the requirements in the area. If you are unsure what the law is in your town, it is better to ask than to face fines for not getting the right permits or following the correct procedures.

Effects On Wildlife

Tree removal services should check the tree carefully before cutting it. If animals are living in the tree, you may want to have a wildlife service remove them and then relocate them to an area suited to their needs. 

The impact on animals that use the trees on the property can be larger than you realize, especially if you are taking down multiple trees at one time. Many wildlife services offer relocation, but you may need to make some calls to find one in your area that deals with the wildlife in your trees. 

Replanting Trees

When taking down trees that are no longer healthy, you may want to consider replanting a similar type of tree in the spot where the old one was. After you remove the tree and the stump, you can replant in the same location and maintain the health of the soil.

If the tree removal service is removing the stump for you, ask about chipping it up so you can use the wood chips in the hole. Over time, they will compost, and the soil will get an influx of healthy nitrogen and other minerals that will help your new tree grow and thrive. 

In a few years, you will have a tree large enough to provide shade and look great in the spot where the old tree was. Replanting a tree from a nursery that is already a few years old is a good option and can give it a head start.

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.