4 Reasons You Should Hire Professionals For Tree Trimming Services

Being a homeowner comes with lots of responsibilities. For example, you need to keep your home clean at all times. If you have trees in your yard, then tree trimming is one activity that entails keeping your home clean and beautiful. Although most trees are beautiful, their appeal is lost when they are unkempt. No matter where your tree is located, regular tree trimming is part of the maintenance routine. This is the only way to maintain the structural integrity of the tree. Read More 

You Should Always Have The Stump Removed With The Tree

When trees are removed, some people don't worry about having the stumps removed and this is a mistake. Here is what can happen when you have a tree removed from your yard, but you don't have the stump removed as well:  You can end up with a pest infestation A stump that has been left in place after the tree has been cut down can also act as a calling card for many types of pests. Read More 

Deciding Whether Or Not To Have Your Diseased Ash Tree Removed

If there is an ash tree in your yard and it is showing signs of disease, then you have a decision to make. Should you remove the tree, or should you have it treated for disease? In many cases, the best solution is to remove the tree, since the emerald ash borer, a particularly fierce and destructive insect, is to blame for most cases of ash decline in the United States. Read More 

Questions Homeowners Often Have When Grinding Stumps

With many rental places offering stump grinders for lease, grinding your own tree stumps is a pretty obtainable task. But you will probably have a few questions the first time you grab that grinder. Here are some common stump grinding questions along with their answers. What safety precautions do you need to take? The main hazard when using a stump grinder is actually the debris that can start flying as the grinder works. Read More 

The Four Golden Rules Of Pruning

The Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It's hard to apply this to tree trimming — you don't want your tree to prune you back! However, there are four different Golden Rules that apply to tree trimming, and if you want your trees to thrive, you should follow them. #1: Always prune for a reason. You should never just prune a tree for no reason at all. Read More